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Transport and infrastructure

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Sustainable mobility, of people and freigth, has become a priority in modern societies.

Novadays' team has been assisting public and private organization for over fifteen years.


A great part of Novadays’ team has been working for more than 15 years in the transport-sector consulting. Under this work-frame, consultants have carried out projects for various Public institutions and agencies: the Department of Public Works; for the governments of autonomic communities such as Madrid, Basque Country, Navarra, Murcia, Castilla and León, Galicia, Aragón, and Andalucía; for city councils of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Alicante, Sevilla, Málaga; and for transport authorities such as the Regional Transport Consortium of Madrid, the EMT in Catalonia, the Transport Territorial Authority of Gipuzkoa, etc.

Our experience with private transport operators is also extensive, having worked for the main sector associations and for a large number of private companies, both for regular passenger transportation by road as well as for train transportation.

Novadays’ team has also done projects related to the taxi sector (mainly regarding improvement and regulation issues).


Sustainable mobility is a must in all modern societies. Cities, companies and people, all need (all kinds of) transport to be environmentally and user-friendly. This is a challenge —and an objective— for society.

Through the execution of its Sustainable Mobility Plans for different public service organisations, companies and intermediate organisations (industrial estates, technological estates, etc.); as well as through the execution of these Plans, Novadays helps in achieving the minimisation of negative impacts of transport. Moreover, we contribute into making individuals more environmentally aware.




Freight transport is one of the technical fields in which Novadays’ team has been working for the last 15 years. During this time, Novadays’ consultants have assisted the public administrations in researching, planning and executing plans related to merchandise transportation, such as improvement or adaptation of infrastructures, inter-modality, external cost reduction, traffic prevision, economic and social impacts of transport, etc.

The aforementioned team has also for many years worked with private companies specialising in this area of transport, both by road and by rail. Novadays has helped these companies to come up with technological solutions, to create mergers between companies (national and international), to request railway licenses or to become a logistics operators, etc.



Due to its capacity to create income and competitive advantages to regions and/or nations, logistics is a key activity for all industrial and producing companies, as well as for public administrations.

Novadays’ involvement in logistics is centered in assisting public administrations in their sector research and in designing plans to either attract or retain logistic operators. These actions can vary from infrastructure involvement —adapting infrastructures to operators’ needs— to organising administrations to achieve promotion and commercialisation of the services of its logistics areas and industrial estates.

The company works with the sector’s business association in projects such as the creation of the Price Index of the Logistics Sector or the Technological Plan of the Logistics Sector. Projects which benefit all companies belonging to the sector. Along with associations, we also work with logistics operators as consultants in specific projects towards technological improvement —negotiating and/or searching for funding sources for R&D investments— and as consultants on projects that require external involvement to carry out logistics externalisation processes, companies’ assessments, technological evaluations, market research, etc.


Novadays' work in this area focus on:

  • Carrying out infrastructures' feasability studies, frequently in colaboration with engineers and architectural firms.
  • Stuides of economic impact of infrastructures construction and explotation in the environment. 

 Novadays works on the promotion phases of an infraestructure project (not only regarding to transport, but turism, but turistic and cultural infrastructures as well) with civil services organizations and those who promote this construction. Ocasionally, Novadays helps concession companies in the carrying out of studies and complementary projects, which these companies usually offer as an improvement of the technical instruction sheet in tenders.

Some of the projects carried out by Novadays in this field are: