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Science and Innovation

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Novadays has remarkable expertise in the fields of economic and industrial policies, science and technology.

These fields combine multiple Novadays team's references about study, definition and evaluation of science policies, innovation, information and telecommunication society, fostering entrepreneurship, and so on. The following table can gain insight our participation in each of these fields.

Novadays works in the science-technology-business context, looking to improve scientific and technological policies, as well as public research organisations’ management.

To this end, we carry out major studies for the scientific community (such as the recent study about researchers and academics’ career), and strategic plans, designing actions and helping in their implementation and evaluation .

Ten years ago, Novadays’ team, carried out the first evaluation of a public support programme for the R&D&i in Spain and, since then, the company have evaluated this kind of programmes several times. At present, we are producing a methodological guide for R&D&i programme evaluation.

As part of our practice for Science and Innovation, we work with Spanish and foreign universities in conducting studies of interest for them as well as in developing strategic plans and supporting the implementation of the actions prescribed therein. We also help universities to assess their programs and internal services.

Our collaboration with the University refers both to the institution as such (when working for the central services, Chancellors or Vice Chancellors), and to departments and to research groups (to which we provide support for their projects or in work or in managing technical aspects of the same

Novadays’ consultants have participated in strategic design of scientific parks, in the improvement of teachers’ careers; we have also taken part in carrying out research projects, designing and managing masters degrees, arranging seminars, managing complex R&D&i projects, etc.

In the wide frame of innovation, information technologies and communication have proven to be a major boost to the improvement of products, processes and services of companies in the last few years. The revolution of ICT has benefited, fortunately, all sectors, bringing improving companies’ competitiveness and people productivity.

Novadays has been working with public administrations with competence in the ICT sector in studying it, planning and programme design, their implementation, as well as  in the evaluation of support programmes for companies or ICT projects of various administrations.

We also work with sectorial associations studying of the situation of technology of each sector, as well as in its dinamization through the ICT.

Business creation is the link between science and social benefit that science has to reach through its results. Therefore, European public administrations are aware of the need to train new generations to have a greater entrepreneurial spirit, as well as the need to  support new business initiatives that can develop projects.

Some of the projects carried out by Novadays in this field are: