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Services in Spain for intl. companies and organizatizations

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Novadays provides international companies with services that can improve their position in Spain as well as increment their knowledge of the Spanish and/or the Latin American market.

These services include:

  • Research and studies: Novadays carries out market research on serveral economic sectors, bechmarking studies, investment feasibility analysis, regulatory studies, studies prior to a company acquisition, financial and economyc analysis, etc. Novadays also searches for partners and partnerships.

  • Institutional relations: Novadays has extensive knowledge of Spain's public sector, and therefore works with foreign companies on their institutional position and/or on representing their interests in relation to the public sector.

  • Innovation strategy: Novadays advises international companies in the search of local partners for R&D&i projects, as well as in the definition and implementation of its innovation strategy in Spain.

  • Public tender preparation: the company advises international companies regarding the public tender process in Spain.

Novadays offers services in most economic sectors; the company, however, focuses mainly in the following sectors:

  • Transport

  • Logistics

  • High Technology and Information and Communication Technology (biotechnology, nanotechnology, etc.)

  • Social sector