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Consulting for public sector and international organizations

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Novadays carries out consultancy projects and studies for national and regional governments in several countries. Likewise, we work directly with international organisations that manage development or foreign trade funds.

Most of the projects undertaken beyond Spanish borders by Novadays are financed with Spanish Government's funds by means of a variety of instruments created for that purpose.

Novadays offers for international institutions the same services as for Spain. These services are listed below in a summarized way:

  • Previous studies of policies or actions design and development: feasibility studies, social and economic studies, sectorial studies, comparative studies, benchmarking, etc. 

  • Public policies or actions design: project and programme design, strategic planning, detailed analysis of costs, ex ante evaluation, economic impact analysis, environmental studies, etc. 

  • Technical offices to policies control or implementation: offices for the implementation of strategic or guiding plans, projects control, etc.

  • Management and Human Resources consulting.

  • Policies, services and programme evaluation: carrying out of evaluation studies of policies, services or programmes already implemented or which are being implemented (middle evaluation).

Novadays works in most public areas, focusing mainly on three fields:

  • People and freight mobility.

  • Economy, science and innovation.

  • Social services.