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Services to people

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Our services to people include a number of areas that share something in common: their importance in the welfare society. In the following table you can know in detail which those areas are and how we work in Novadays to improve citizen services.


Our consultants have been working to achieve gender equality for more than twenty years. Our collaboration with this great challenge of our society is materialised through consulting projects, both for public administration  and private institutions.

Our participation has been at times a sectorial, studying the problem of equality in areas such as transport or research, and other more general guidance, determining common issues to all women as their access to senior management positions and the way they should follow to achieve it.

Moreover, we incorporate a gender perspective in all our actions on public policy, because we believe in mainstreaming as a path to full equality of women and men.

Immigration means, for countries like Spain, the arrival o a new group of people who have needs that must be met from the Public Administrations in the best possible way. The result is a major activity area for us, which focuses on studying the needs of immigrants, to plan actions directed to them, to assist in the implementation and to evaluate plans, programs and projects aimed at this group.

To do this, Novadays consultants work with governments of the autonomous communities, with local councils as well as with various foundations and associations which have among their duties the care and support for immigrants in our country, or the implementation of development cooperation projects beyond our borders.

Novadays frequency works in the study and improvement of social services. Among the customers of the company in this area mainly find the governments of the autonomous regions and of large city councils. Our work with them, for example, has focused in carrying out studies on the needs of these services’ target groups (such as senior center users); in the design of plans and programmes (including regional strategic plans of all social services) in implementing such action plans (managing technology projects to improve the management of these services);and evaluating the services provided by the administrations and, where appropriate, those of companies or institutions within the social services system (for example, remote assistance services).

All these actions are addressed from a multidisciplinary perspective, combining the social approach with the economic and financial approach as well as with the legal and technological one.

Our consultants bring together a remarkable experience in conducting studies in the field of employment policies (in sectors such as transport and logistics), or from general perspectives, such as the various studies of training needs they carried out.

Alongside these studies, Novadays consultants have participated in the strategic design of training centres promoted both by Public Administrations  as well as by private entities.

In these strategic designs, the team has participated in designing the centre, in the collective analysis of those who the centre addresses, their training needs and, in the development of the centre’s academic offer, in its evaluation and characterisation technique (facilities, equipment, etc.) and its economic and financial viability. They have also developed strategic plans for centres already in operation.

Some of our projects in this field are:

article thumbnailIntegration Plan of the Community of Madrid Evaluation

The Department of Immigration and Cooperation of the Community of Madrid commissioned Novadays the evaluation of its Integration Plan 2006-2008.

article thumbnailFeasibility study of a web platform for managing social serv

A major company in the sector of ICT hired Novadays to conduct a feasibility study of a web platform for managing social services by regional and local administrations. Novadays worked with these Adm [ ... ]

article thumbnailNational survey of drug and alcohol abuse

The National Survey of drug and alcohol abuse is the largest statistical operation carried out in Spain to determine the consumption of these substances among the population. 40 000 people were interv [ ... ]

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