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The challenge of technology

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Tha challenge of technology

The information technologies and telecommunications, not to mention other technologies, are producing a revolution in the way of doing things, both in the public and private sector.

The potential of these technologies is there since many years, but the challenge of use them optimally and adapt them to the continuous technological change, remains one of the main challenges of many of these organizations.

From Novadays we support public administrations to implement their e-administration projects, through research, rigorous analysis of the feasibility and alternatives, and strategic planning. Furthermore, in all our projects with the public sector, we incorporate scanning and e-administration as an absolute priority.

With companies, and their business associations, we have undertaken projects of sectoral modernization (eg in the fields of public transport and logistics); we have directed technology specific projects (in which under our instructions technology companies have participated); we have helped many companies to get public funding for investment in ICT, or we have participated in the design of innovative products for the application of ICT in sectors such as transport or social services.