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The challenge of logistics

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The challenge of logistics

Logistics is a cross economic activity and as such, affects directly to almost all companies.

Therefore, the improvement of this sector has become a challenge for many public administrations, which through policies and projects try to cherish its logistics infrastructure and optimize this activity.

Novadays has supported these public administration carrying out studies about the logistics assets of a region, about the positioning of this region in the minds of decision makers in the sector, about actions and projects undertaken in other regions (European and Spanish, etc.). Novadays also has participated in designing action plans and projects of public interest aimed at strengthening the logistics in one area or region.

With the private sector and the business association of logistics operators (Logic), Novadays has worked on a technological improvement of the sector and in projects aimed at the institutional development of the sector, such as the conduction of the Index of Logistics Sector's Prices (IPSL) that will allow the operators to know the price trends over time and compare them with the wider economy.