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The challenge of sustainable mobility

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The challenge of sustainable mobility

Sustainable mobility is one of the main challenges of modern society. No citizen is irrelevant to the rider to change our culture, our customs, and reduce the impact that our activities have on the environment.

Novadays has been working for the past years with the institutions and the private sector in achieving sustainable mobility. We believe that the only possible transport for the future will substantially reduce its environmental impact.

Our contribution to achieving sustainable mobility is derived from experiences such as:


  • The development of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, for councils and workplaces, as scientific-technological parks, industrial parks, campuses of large companies, and so on. See the exemplary project Transport Plan of Miramon Park.
  • The technological dynamism of the transport sector, through Technology Plans of major companies associations and support for companies in these sectors for the incorporation of new vehicles and cleaner technologies.
  • The consultancy for the implementation of policies, programs and actions by public administrations, to minimize the environmental impacts of transport infrastructure and services.