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The challenge of Science and Technology

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The challenge of science and technology

The production model change is a pressing need for public administrations and enterprises.

For public administrations, the economy of their country or region requires to be sustainable and grow a start value of activities which can be used to create new knowledge, new products and services: research, development and innovation.

For companies, the improvement through R&D&i has become indispensable to survive in the markets in which they operate, due to the need to launch new products or to improving their efficiency through optimization of costs.

Novadays works with the public sector in a variety of projects aimed to improving policies for science and technology. Thus, with the Ministry of Science and Innovation, we developed the comparative study of scientists and academics' career, with the aim of improving it in Spain; and we are currently working on creating a manual for public support programs for R&D&i evaluation (after having evaluated many of these programs).

With companies and business associations we have undertaken sectoral sectoral modernization projects, as well as technological sectoral plans.

With all of them: companies, foundations, associations, technology centers, etc., we have conducted projects to improve their innovation strategy.