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Green Growth

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Green Growth is the key factor of a new revolution in which we all have a leading role. Transform our way of life and our industries or sectors, so that we can make our society wealthiest, and at the same time guaranteeing our planet sustainability, it's a need that, among all of us, we must achieve.

In early 2010, Novadays decided to bring together its consultants and those expertise related to sustainability in a key unit within the company: the Green Growth Unit. The objective of this unit was to assist governments in designing their policies, programs and projects of Green Growth; as well as support the industry and the private sector to renew their methods and to create and commercialize new sustainable products and services. 



Some of the projects undertaken by the Green Growth Unit are:


South Africa Renewable Energy

In the framework of internationalization of Novadays' Green Growth Unit, the company has been hired by the Government of South Africa to provide technical advice for the development of the South Afric [ ... ]

Design of Transport and Logistics' Ecolabel

The government of Navarra, through its Directorate General of Tranport, has hired Novadays to assist in the development of an ecolabel for transport companies, both freight and passengers, as well as  [ ... ]

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