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Novadays in the XIII ITS Congress

Novadays has participated in the XIII Congress of Intelligent Transport Systems or ITS, held in San Sebastian (Spain) last June.

The presentation made by Novadays was about the most recent developments in public transport systems and, in particular, about the Personal Rapid Transit - PRT as a system capable to solve complex mobility problems which are difficult to address by other traditional systems.

Novadays is committed to the development and implementation of these new systems in different countries. Our initiatives include the study of the PRTs as an alternative for public transportation, the design of models of public-private partnerships, PPP, that allow construction and management of PRTs, advising both public administrations and private companies to help promoting them, and the launching of collaborative R & D projects (financed both at national and European levels).

For more information on PRTs and/or Novadays activities on PRT, please contact us.

Novadays organized the Conference of Sustainable Mobility Management in Major Activity Centers in Euskadi

The mobility management in major activity centers —origin and destination of most of our trips— as technology parks, industrial estates, shopping and entertainment centers, university campuses, schools, hospitals, etc., is a new challenge for managers of these centers. Novadays has been working with them in diagnosing mobility, propose solutions and implement projects that promote sustainable mobility to and from those centers.

The conference “For a Sustainable Journey”, organized by the Department of Housing, Public Works and Transport, thought the Department of Transport of the Basque Government, and which has received technical assistance and coordination from Novadays, aims to raise awareness to the Euskadi Transport System’s agents, in order of them to act in these areas chasing a more sustainable mobility. The conference took place on November 28, 2012, in the Technological Park of Zamudio, Biscay —find the programme attached below—.

María Izaguirre Vizcaya, Consulting Director at Novadays nad head of the firm’s office in Vitoria Gasteiz —Basque Country—, presented Novadays expertise working with the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park.

Monday, 30 July 2012 10:29

Novadays in the XXII World Congress of Political Science

Novaday’s project, funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, on R&D&i programmes evaluation in Europe was selected and presented at the XXII World Congress of Political Science, as part of a R&D&i governance panel.

José Ignacio Cases Comyn, Novadays’ CEO, presented the project accompanied by Veronica Viñas, professor at the University Carlos III of Madrid and collaborator in conducting the project.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:19

The changing needs of the public sector

First, in order to get a more efficient and effective public sector, public managers should evaluate the policies and programs implemented or under implementation and involving future spending commitments.

The evaluation must be present in the reformulation of public action, because only through objective analysis public managers may make decisions based on knowledge, certainty, and not only on personal intuition or mere opinion.

Secondly, it will be necessary to seek collective reflection, seeking best practices and involve co-producing companies or service providers of the Administration, experts, etc.

Third, you must plan and act, relying on the strategic direction. Managing in cooperation, co-produce with the private sector and with other government, setting achievements, aligning the organization with a strategy and leading.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:17

What should be done to renew a lease of state transportation line?

The decision of the Ministry of Public Works to undertake the renewal of concessions has been a real change in the sector culture an a serious drawback for most companies and therefore, for transport businessmen.

In this article by José Ignacio Cases, published in April 2012 in the journal “Viajeros”, Novadays CEO presents which, in his opinion, are appropriate guidelines to be followed by the employer who wishes to renew its lease.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:16

The moratorium on subsidies forces companies in the sector of renewable energy to try their luck in America, Africa and Asia

Because of the moratorium on subsidies in Spain, companies engaged in renewable energy have had to export their services to developed or developing countries that have chosen to follow the path set by Spain years ago in this area.

This internationalization has been a huge success; just look at how Spanish companies have won 40% of the power competed in South Africa, after competing with more than 400 companies from all over the world.

The advantage of the Spanish firms agains those in other countries, is the experience accumulated over the past years, particularly in wind and photovoltaic energy.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:16

How do citizens perceive public transport?

The study Gender Equality in Gipuzkoa Transport System, is the first in Spain to analyze in a such specific way the public transport from a gender perspective. The aim was to identify aspects that can improve the transport service and reduce inequality factors.

The most significant results of this study can be found in the original article, published in October 2011 in the journal “Viajeros”.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:15

South Africa as an opportunity for the internationalization of Spanish renewable energy companies

Because of its importance as a market for renewable energy development, South Africa is at the focus of Spanish and foreign companies, as a country open to investment and with an attractive regulatory framework. Proof of this is the presence of more than 300 companies investing in the public presentation of the tender currently open.

The article was published in April 2012 in the journal “Tecnoenergía”.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:14

Assessment as a tool for public administrations to improve the model

Since the beginning of the Crisis, the Central Government of the autonomous communities have faced the need to respond to growing social demands with shrinking public budget. This has required a strict fiscal discipline and management capacity that would optimize the use of resources.

To that management capacity is essential that public authorities evaluate their actions, programs and projects to seek improvements in management and be more efficient, as well as face a more profound and far-reaching reflection on how to do things, refining the model through the analysis of the institutional organization and effective coordination of agents.

The article was published in February 2012 in the journal “Negocio”.

Friday, 27 July 2012 13:13

The public administration facing the Green Growth challenge

To develop the Green Growth in an optimal way, governments should assess the mesures implemented, keeping those that provide future success, rethinking its tactis in certain sectors and defining new strategies.

In the case of Spain, it will be essential to maintain the technological leadership through the implementation of R&D&i, both public and private; to strengh the Spanish presence in the world; to develop the framework for voluntary participation through direct intervention, and to create advanced financial frameworks to further promote private investment in green growth.

This article was published in July/August 2011, in the journal “Energética XXI”.

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