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Novadays in the XIII ITS Congress

Novadays has participated in the XIII Congress of Intelligent Transport Systems or ITS, held in San Sebastian (Spain) last June.

The presentation made by Novadays was about the most recent developments in public transport systems and, in particular, about the Personal Rapid Transit - PRT as a system capable to solve complex mobility problems which are difficult to address by other traditional systems.

Novadays is committed to the development and implementation of these new systems in different countries. Our initiatives include the study of the PRTs as an alternative for public transportation, the design of models of public-private partnerships, PPP, that allow construction and management of PRTs, advising both public administrations and private companies to help promoting them, and the launching of collaborative R & D projects (financed both at national and European levels).

For more information on PRTs and/or Novadays activities on PRT, please contact us.